How we wow

Wanna razzle-dazzle your audience? We can do that. Deliver hard-core content? We can do that too. In fact, we can do both at the same time. Ta-da! There are a million moving pieces in production, and we’ve got them all covered.


Motion graphics/animation

Presentation graphics

Since the first moving pictures graced a screen, we’ve known: video is powerful. We’re mesmerized by moving images, and you can use that fascination to huge advantage with the right video content at your event.

We know video.

We produce powerful opening modules that set the tone for your meeting and begin to develop your theme. Intros and profiles for your execs, new products, sales programs, incentive trips and more. We take your message and blow it up.

We’re really proud of our event production services. Here’s a little of what we offer:

  • High Def Production
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • HD Motion Graphic Design & Animation
  • Widescreen Video Production
  • Sony CineAlta and DSLR HD Acquisition*
  • AVID Nitris DX HD post-production*

*if you don’t know what this is, trust us – it’s awesome, state-of-the-art stuff

Here’s where you grab the audience by the throat. Moving logo designs, swooping, sound-enhanced transitions, eye-catching, attention-grabbing, sit-up-and-take-notice animations.

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Computer Generated Animation
  • Photorealistic Architectural Renderings
  • Abstract Backgrounds

Remember overhead projectors with transparencies and dry-erase markers? Slide projectors?   There was a time when those were pretty awesome and really amped up presentations. That time was a long time ago.

Today, speaker support is sophisticated, and demands talented graphic designers.

Our graphic production team’s got game. They collaborate with you, your presenters, and the scriptwriter to produce dynamic support graphics that reinforce your message, support complex processes, and just plain look great.

This ain’t your mama’s slide show.

  • Presentation design & consultation
  • Keynote® / PowerPoint® designs
  • Motion graphic design
  • Backgrounds & branding elements
  • On-site graphic production & operation

We are creative problem solvers

Our sole focus is the creation, production, and staging of live events.