OSU Anne and Woody Hayes Tribute

The Ohio State University turned to Bartha to create and produce the Anne and Woody Hayes Tribute Event, scheduled for February 15, 2013, just one day after what would have been Woody’s 100th birthday.

The Woody Hayes Story had been told so many times that finding a different way of telling it was a challenge. The Bartha team focused on how Woody and Anne could be presented through video and live presentations, all while searching for a unique concept for the set design and staging elements. Bartha team members reasoned that Woody, with his 28 seasons as Ohio State’s head football coach, was as close as anyone could come to being the crown jewel of the university’s athletic program. By the same token, they concluded, the famous “Horseshoe” stadium is the crown jewel of the Ohio State campus. And so a massive replica of the stadium’s façade, became the stage and framework for multiple projection areas.

Throughout the program, videos from nearly 40 years with former players, associates and friends of Woody and Anne prompted both laughter and tears from the audience. Developing the visual support for the show was a major undertaking. There were hundreds of archival photos, film and video clips to research, review and select. In addition, scores of images were needed to fill the set’s multiple screen areas. Each one had to be carefully reviewed, with the final selections placed in sequence to support flow of the program.

What we provided:

  • pre-production
  • creative consultation
  • set design
  • sound
  • lighting
  • projection
  • HD video production (40+ video testimonials from Woody’s players and friends)
  • graphic design & production
  • on-site show production staff

The Anne and Woody Hayes Tribute Event was a huge success. Fans were touched. And those who’d never met the Hayeses got to know them and their role in the Ohio State story.

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